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Strictly Professionals ONLY!

Pro Equipment

Entry: £200.00

Winner Takes All: £1,600.00


The NSE HIGH STAKES Pro Event is strictly for professional cue sports players who have either played / qualified for the main Snooker Pro Tour. Or has qualified through Q School or any equivalent qualifying system.

This is a one day, ‘Winner Takes All’ event.

All matches will be best of 7 frames, played on a Pro Star table, 1G Aramith Balls with high positioned lighting rig. The draw for this event will be made prior to the players meeting.

All matches will have scheduled times which will be displayed in the arena. All players must ensure they turn up no less than 30 minutes before their match time, by registering at the tournament desk. There will be a strict smart casual dress code in place.

Dress Code:

Tailored trousers – Shirt with collar – Shoes (no trainers, pumps or sportswear allowed).

NOTE: Players may be required to wear a clothing patch displaying sponsor logo. The promoter reserves the right.

No trainers, tracksuits, caps or Jeans will be permitted. Any player wearing these clothes will be given a 15 minute probation period to acquire the correct dress code. If player fails to do so in the permitted time frame of 15 minutes, then said player will forfeit their match in the tournament.

Entry: £200.00

Winner: £1,600.00


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