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Round Robin Best of 3
8 Groups of 8 players
Top 2 from each group into Sweet 16
Last 16 Straight knockout best of 5 frames
Final best of 5 frames
Winner £1000.00 + Trophy



NSE Pro-Am Strictly limited to 64 players


3 day event

Day one and day two; all players to play each other in Round Robin style format. There will be 8 groups of 8 players with the top 2 from each group going though to the last 16. All round Robin matches will be the best of 3 frames (all 3 frames to be played).

Points System:-

Two points allocated for the win with a 1 point allocated to the loser of a 2-1 defeat. In other words you will receive at least one point for winning one frame of Snooker.

Round Robin Rounds

Matches to be played over two days. All players names will be drawn at random to determine each group. All group matches will have allocated time sessions.

Sweet 16 Straight Knock Out

This is to determine who our champion will be. It’s a straight knockout best of 5 frames until we have a winner!

The final will be a best of 5 frames.

Our Pro-Am event is designed to offer a wider platform of engagement from a wider span of players throughout the country. Whether you an amateur enthusiast or simply new to the game, you will be able to test your skills against the more experienced player.


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