The National Snooker Expo are extremely humbled to work with Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips as a principal partner of our project.

Principal Partner

Black Heart
Billiard Tips

Premium Boar Leather


Play With Heart

Edgardo Banguera had a dream to make the best Billiard products in the world and in 2011 his legacy now begins. The original outlined objective is to focus on ‘The Billiard Player’, his / her anatomy and the physical attributes that make the player become better. So there is no better place to begin than at the front end of the most important piece of equipment every pool player requires; the pool cue. Every pool cue is designed to hit; stroke and float billiard balls with sophisticated ease. For this to happen, the pool player must trust the front end of his / her pool cue.

The pleasure we receive from making these billiard tips for pool billiard users around the world have affectionately been labelled as BLACKHEART™ ORIGINALS and more recently we have added four great new Billiard Tips to our range known as BLACKHEART™ CLASS SERIES.


Snooker Tips

#1 (Mark One) BLACKHEART™

#1 is the first of two premium layered leather Snooker tip.

It’s soft feel allow full control for accurate, long-range Snooker shots and allows for extreme spin and manipulation of the cue ball. For the highly skilled Snooker player, #1 supports your every move around the table ensuring that heavy break building and century scoring become your normal way of play.

BLACKHEART™ #1     Made small for the big game.

The #1 Snooker Tip is available in 9, 10 and 11mm sizes.

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