Is creating a platform for the Snooker Industry to sell, buy and promote their products a good idea?

Yes is the answer!

The National Snooker Expo works with individuals, groups and company’s from around the UK to produce a quality event that the world can attend and prosper from. The aim is quite simple, get your company or brand noticed by the right people!

Who are the right people?

Cue Sports is growing around the world. From American Pool to Snooker, there is a growing trend of fans extending from the USA, South America, China, India and Australia. May believe this is because of online gambling? We simply disagree.

Equipment & Tools for Snooker and the Cue Sports.

We truly acknowledge the great lengths company’s go to in order to make Cue Sports thrive for those who choose to play or compete. Having the right equipment is essential for all cue sport enthusiasts. The National Snooker Expo, provides excellent retail and promotional platforms for company’s to share their products and promote them face to face with those who matter. The Cue Sport player.

The National Snooker Expo is the brain child of Jason Lawrence and he is seeking like minded experts and company’s to ‘make it happen’. With over 20 years experience in event management and Professional Billiards. If you are interested, you can contact Jason and the N.S.E. at:




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